Apr 27, 2009

First Day Practical Exam

This is the first day of my practical exam (PE).

Honestly, i don't feel scare or nervous today. I feel like holiday on Sunday. Really. I slept at 10 and woke up at 5.30 just not like me. And it feels weirder cause my mom, which is always yelled me if i watch dvd on school night, didn't yelled me. So, i think this is why i ignored my alarm when it rang besides my ear.

Okay. Today subjects is English and Bahasa Indonesia. On English, the teacher asked me (us actually since there's ot only i who got this exam) to write texts following the theme or picture. Number 1 is writing text following theme. I really confused when picking 1 of 5 theme. Each have its own difficulty. Finally, i piked number 5 which is "Our 71 Senior High School" and choose to wrote the text as description text. Okay, it's done.

But, there's a problem when i moved to number 2. Hell, there are 3 pictures and all of the pictures make me freeze for a while. What should i wrote on my paper? I really didn't know what to do then. So i think. This is the following picture. NOTE: the pictures i find are not the real pictures on the test. But the theme is same.

1.Pemilu 2009 a.k.a General Election 2009

2.Tragedi Situ Gintung

3. Tragedi Jatuhnya Pesawat Fokker (i don't really know the best title for this)

For a moment, i think really hard to decide what picture that i can imagine to write. And then, i picked picture number 1 (pemilu). After i picked, there's another problem. What text i would write from this picture. Then, i choose to wrote hortatory exposistion. Unfotunately, the time had running out. And it 10 minutes left for me to finished my text. But, for this time, i realize. I didn't have enough vocab to write down this text, with this picture, with this topic, and as hortatory. So, i just take a deep breath and wrote down everything in my head. And i just can hope for the best for my text 'disaster'.

After English test, i went to canteen and eat my lunch (actually, it's not lunch since it still morning) with my friends. Be ready for Bahasa Indonesia test in AV room.

The bell rang, i and my friends went to AV room. And, wow! There's a lot of people. This test take 2 classes for one session. So, my class and XII IPS 1 are first.

Well, since Bahasa Indonesia is my Language, i have done this better than English. So, i can relax and face the test for tomorrow (Japan and Seni Musik). I hope tomorrow will be better than today.

enuff and thanks for read it. haha, my first post with full english too. so, i'm sorry if the grammar is sucks. because i still learn how to write with english.



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