Jul 7, 2009



I feel disturbed by someone. She is my junior. Yeah, my junior. She's soo annoying. Anyway, i feel regret for known her for all this time. Really.

This is why i dont like her that much.

1. she feels she's so important. She even looked at me with do-i-know-you kind of looking.
2. she feels she can do anything.
3. she feels SHE is EVRYTHING!
4. she ignored people.
5. she has two face. In front of me, she kind, but behind my back, who know?
6. she always make me feel UPSET.

And many more.

I'll never tell you who is she. But i just feel so mad at her in this time. She just text me about something that i do know. But i think she thought i dont know. How can i didnt know about what she text me? She is DISTURBIA. Well, now, i hope she can do her best. Anyway, she is my junior right? As a senior i have this responsibility to wish her all the best. Well, i dunno. Haha.

Hmm, again, feel sorry bout my english lately. Does it good? just give me a comment. Thanks.



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