Mar 19, 2015

Past 10 Days

Been a while. Not really long but I feel guilty for not updating. Well, anyway, I will posting some things that happened in these 10 days.

Chelsea's 110th Anniversary and failed to through the Semifinals 
Well, I was posted about Bayern Munchen's 115 year anniversary right? I was about to post about Chelsea's too but at the moment I was tooooooo lazy to do that. Hehehhee.... So yeah. On March 10, Chelsea was celebrated the 110 years since the club established. Old, I know but there are so many things I want this team achieved in the next years.
Just like BM, they also still compete in Champion League. On March 11 (March 12 already in Indonesia), Chelsea played against PSG at Stamford Bridge. I used to set my alarm, so I could watch it. But in the end, I didn't awake when my third alarm rang (yeah I'm that.... hard to be awaken). Well, when I finally woke up, I searched for news about the game and ended sad... The game was draw but Chelsea failed to go to the semifinals because of the goals aggregate. But then, they already got one cup/trophy, and now are concentrating on the Premiere League. They're still on the top of the table followed by Manchester City. Hope they will win the league. Been a while.

Got my graduation gown and ready to rock it (I don't even know what it means) but got worried coz accidentally sent wrong application letters
Soo.. I forgot when but finally I got the gown (well, toga means gown in English right, right?). I went to campus with my friends, but before that, I sent two application letters and cvs to two companies. It's still a job hunt season for me though. But then, before I reached campus, I felt so uneasy about my application letters. So I stopped my car and checked my email. There, I found that I really am stupid because I accidentally sent a wrong letter to a company. And I kept uneasy when I reached campus. 
I met my friends and I told them about it. They couldn't help but laughed at me (yeah, I'm so stupid after all) and told me to be careful from now on. Also they calmed me down and told me to resend the letter. So when I got my gown, we went home and I resend the letter immediately. Well, hope they'll understand. But still no response from them. Been a week already.

My grandmother death memorial
This Monday was my grandmother's death anniversary (or memorial, I don't really know which one I should use). Couldn't believe she already left us for a year. So we held pengajian for her. To pray for her peace. So many things happened, but unfortunately I couldn't write it down here since that was a family matter. But, what happened on that day, really really broke my heart and I really wish things will get better.
Pengajian went so smooth, so many people come. Most of them are my granny's pupils since she used to teach for some groups of pengajian in our neighbourhood. Some of them were my granny's sisters. Well, I hope she could rest in peace and may Allah give her the best place up there. 

That was pretty much what happened in the past 10 days. Nothing much, I know. It's because I can't really remember what happened in details and I just like summarized it. 

Well, I was planning to do another review but I don't know when it will ready to post. Ah, also about the dreamfest report, I am sorry I couldn't bring it as fast as I wanted, but I will post it. 

So, see ya for now....

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